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ISARC is the Irish Sarcoidosis Support Network for sufferers, families and carers affected by sarcoidosis. ISARC is a charitable organisation working to provide support, promote awareness and research into the disease.


The Brief: 

ISARC was founded in 2006 and from small beginnings has grown and developed support groups throughout Ireland, North and South. The challenge for Graphic Index was to design a visual identity for a new organisation with a low profile who aspired to take it’s place among the major charitable organisations and research bodies in Ireland. The identity needed to be sensitive and welcoming to sufferers and families while also projecting a professional and credible image among the medical and scientific communities.  

What We Did: 

We worked with ISARC over a long period to learn about sarcoidosis and the challenges of raising awareness and funds in this very crowded space. As we gained understanding of the condition, those affected and the scientific progress we were able to develop a design strategy and visual identity that could successfully brand the organisation and help them become a trusted and recognised support system and resource for all involved. The main focus of the ISARC is establishing support groups which act as a forum for those affected and bridge the gap between the sufferers and the scientific community. Graphic Index produce the promotional material for the support groups and work with ISARC organisers in planning and promoting fundraising events and awareness campaigns. The major annual event is the ISARC AGM which brings together sufferers, their families and the medical community from all over Ireland together with international experts in scientific and medical research. We are closely involved in the organisation and promotion of this event.

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